Georg Barbe
Johanna Baschke
Mara Engelsberger
Jakob Ganslmeier
Lukas Heibges
Maren Katerbau
Ennia Meyer
Kyrill Starodubskij

Curators: Emanuel Raab/ Kirsten Wagner (FH Bielefeld)



From 22 June to 22 July 2018, the aff Galerie Berlin presents selected works by Bielefeld based students of photography. The exhibition project leads back to a photographic exploration of Berlin, in which the city as an architectural space, social action space and space of representation was examined. The eight assembled positions have their focus on the facades and structures of architecture, but also narrate something about the actors of the urban, who adapt the urban green spaces in different ways. They show mythical places in the city and search for the material overruns of Nazi symbols. In addition, they explore museological practices of the representation of nature in the urban context.