Maybe it’s about Walter

Maren Katerbau’s work “Maybe it’s about Walter” deals with the reproducibility of the digital image. She questions the possibilities of the contemporary flood of digital images opening up a dialogue between her own images and these found, reproduced ones.
Maren Katerbau is inspired by the variety of “alternative” image archives on the Internet. Google and Instagram, but also online auction sites such as eBay, represent are an unlimited source of inspiration for her work. By recontextualizing the digital flood of images and juxtaposing them with her own, she utilizes the endless reproducibility of digital images to achieve new approaches or visual commentary.
The project’s main inspiration was Walter Benjamin’s final journey across the Pyrenees.This last passage, undertaken two days before his death, turned into a reflection of Walter Benjamin’s life while simultaneously opening up a micro-universe exemplifying the theories of his essay “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”. The photographs taken on this escape route and some of Walter Benjamin’s theories selected from the essay serve as a starting point for the work.